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Reproductive Rights:

We need leaders who are willing to fight like hell to protect and increase equitable access to abortion services. I am part of the pro-choice majority in this country and will always fight to protect abortion rights, which is why I am proud to be a founding Board Member of Mayday Medicines ( to help ensure that everyone across the country has access to the reproductive care they need.

Even right here in Western Massachusetts, we must continue fighting for equitable access to abortion care. Our region has far too many clinic deserts, areas where someone must drive long distances just to find the abortion care services they need. And to make matters worse, we have several fake clinics that masquerade as places to receive abortion care while providing misinformation and pressuring against the right to choose.

Reproductive Equity Now Resource Guide

West-East Rail:

West-East rail must be built. In order to provide equitable access to opportunities, we need a train from Springfield to Boston to connect people to jobs and opportunities, to reduce traffic, to reduce air pollution. There is a clear economic crisis taking place in the 413 – young people are leaving. By expanding passenger rail service, we are giving the next generation the option to live and thrive in Western Massachusetts. As your State Senator, I will work tirelessly to push this project over the finish line after years of tremendous work by our Congressman Richard Neal as well as outgoing Senator Eric Lesser.

Better Jobs:

It is a simple fact that we continue to lose the next generation of Western Massachusetts residents because the job market in this region is not keeping up with demand and housing is prohibitively expensive. The high concentration of colleges and universities in Massachusetts always attracts thousands of students to our Commonwealth yet we could lose as much as 10% of the college-educated workforce by the end of the decade.


We need to build an economy for more people to afford to live here and that begins by creating better jobs. As one of the fastest growing industries, the biotechnology sector has plenty of room to expand here in Massachusetts and I firmly believe that we have a hidden gem in Western Massachusetts. With the support of industry leaders, we share a vision that the future of biotechnology development can and should be in the 413. Young people are moving closer to Boston and Cambridge in search of jobs while old mill buildings and industrial parks sit vacant and ready for investment. Once we build a West-East rail connector, we can truly build a statewide biotech economy that provides equitable access to opportunity.

Springfield Courthouse:

We need to build a new courthouse in Springfield immediately. Over the past several months, the public has become increasingly aware of the hazardous health concerns arising from the Springfield courthouse, specifically the persistent and dangerous toxic mold that has been allowed to grow within the building. Western Mass News reported on March 10th that five former courthouse employees have passed away due to ALS, three of whom were judges who used the same lobby. In total, sixty cases of various cancers have been linked to those who have worked in the building. Hampden County Sheriff Nick Cocchi made the wise decision to no longer house inmates in the Springfield courthouse lockups.

The current state of the courthouse is endangering the lives of our community, in addition to being an embarrassment to the Commonwealth. Rebuilding our courthouse is a matter of utmost urgency; not only have we lost far too many lives already, but our local justice system relies on the safe operation of this building. Our community should not be afraid to enter the halls of their own government buildings, especially in pursuit of justice. We cannot wait for a study or the recently announced ‘deep cleaning.’

Climate Action:

By every metric, we know that Massachusetts is not on track to reach either our 2030 or 2050 emissions goals. This is unacceptable. In order to protect our environment, I am a strong advocate for West-East rail, protecting areas of Chicopee from deforestation for developer gain and supporting the farms throughout the 413. I have been leading the charge with tangible policy proposals that will protect our environment, create jobs, and ensure we leave a livable planet behind for our children and grandchildren.

Fighting for First Responders:

Over the course of this campaign, I have spoken with firefighters across the 413 and it has become clear all of them are concerned about their higher risk for cancer due to smoke and chemical exposure. And all of them wish they had easier access to life-saving early cancer detection programs, because it is not an anomaly for a 35-year-old firefighter to be diagnosed with life-threatening cancer. However, cancer screenings at an early age are not covered by insurance companies, even for firefighters.  

It is unacceptable that firefighters lack adequate healthcare coverage when they put their lives on the line for us, and as State Senator I will fight for them by advocating for state funded cancer screenings.

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